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Star Lists

Star Maps


This section contains starmaps showing the current locations of the various empires. The starmaps are reasonably accurate portrayals of the actual locations of all stars within 15 parsecs ( about 48.5 light years ).

The maps in this section are cartesian x-y-z graphs in galactic co-ordinates. The x-y plane is the plane of the galaxy, and the positive x axis points at the galactic core. The z value represents how high each star is above or below the surface of the map. All units are in parsecs (there are 3.26 light years in one parsec). Maps are based on data from the Gliese Near Star catalogue v. 3.0.

The maps were created with a experimental software called StereoStar. For more details on the mathematics of creating starmaps refer to the 3-d Starmaping Website. The raw maps were enhanced with Adobe Photoshop.

Note: the original boarders of the various human empires fit within a 10 parsec sphere. As new empires were added, the sphere had to be expanded to 15 parsecs.

People who are developing star systems with this data, and who want to add some realism, should obtain a copy of  World Building: A writer's guide to constructing star systems and life-supporting planets by Stephen L. Gillett, Writer's Digest Books, ISBN # 0-89879-707-1. has it.

Author: Nyrath, dubbed by the Ground Zero games mailing list "the Indispensable, Astrocartographer to the Stars" and "King of Infinite Space"
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