* Stereo Star

*  This is where you can download Winchell's experimental and very buggy prototype 3-D starmapping program.  This program can not only make 3-D starmaps, it can rotate them in 3-d, which is especially impressive if you have a pair of red-blue glasses.
The program is, alas, only for IBM Windows 95 or 98. The files have been zipped with WinZip, and is 800K zipped.


Just unzip it in a folder, and use the Start\Run menu to run StereoStar.exe. The online help will give you a quick start. The online help is, also alas, only about 75% finished.

Try it, read the readme file, and be prepared to send me lots of bug reports.

For those who are interested, here is the source code. It is a zip file of the entire project. It is a MSVC++ 5.0 project.

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