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If you are here for the blueprints, they are here. If you are here for the 3D mesh files, they are here. If you are here for the 3D image gallery, it is here. If you are here for the "Columbus" resin model kit, it is here. Commercial posters of the Leif Ericson may be purchased here

This web site is devoted to developing starships and background history of the Strategic Space Command universe. This is based on the plastic model of the Leif Ericson released by AMT back in 1968. This was the model used by Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven as the inspiration for the INSS MacArthur in their classic novel The Mote In God's Eye.

The model was introduced in 1968 in an attempt to cash in on the "Star Trek" craze of the 60's, but was a financial flop and no additional models were produced. However, baby-boomer SF fans refuse to let the model die. Battered examples rarely appear on EBay, and generally go for several hundred dollars.

It was re-released in 1976 as the "Interplanetary UFO Mystery Ship", which also was a financial flop. It used glow-in-the-dark plastic, and was missing the chrome and transparent parts. It also appears on eBay for outrageous prices.

The good news is that after a long search, the original molds were found by Round 2 Models. And in December of 2009, the model kit was re-issued under the name "Interplanetary UFO Mystery Ship". It is available at your local hobby shop or from online stores such as the Starship Modeling Store. It does come with some nice new decals.

Even better late breaking news! Round 2 Models is releasing an actual Leif Ericson model kit (June 2011). This one is in gray (non glow-in-the-dark) plastic, and includes the chrome and transparent engine parts. It also has an LED lighting kit to make the engines light up (the original 1968 kit used grain of wheat incandescent light bulbs, since in 1968 an LED cost about $200 each). The engine parts had to be recreated, since the original molds were lost. It also will be soon available at your local hobby shop or from online stores.