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Tibbits Tong CGI Gallery

This is a gallery of CGI artwork created by Winchell Chung of Vaughn Bodé's Tibbits Tong.

Recently I started learning how to use the amazing freeware computer modeling program Blender. You can see some of my early efforts here. I was always a fan of Vaughn Bodé's incredible artwork. In Junkwaffel issue no. 4, Bode has a small segment about the Tibbits who inhabit one of the 280,000 planets orbiting the star Canopus. They are forced into a military conquest of the other planets in the system by the controlling influence of an energy being living in the center of their planet. Their main military unit is a spherical spacecraft called a "tong-ball."

As always, click on the thumbnails for a larger image. (Note: if you do not see the thumbnails, it is probably because Norton Anti-Virus is set to block hot-links off-site)