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science speek. LOJBAN, the logical language

Lojban is a synthetic language whose syntax is based on Boolean algebra (the mathematics of Logic).

Lojban also has a unique word construction system, such that one can speak a sentence running the words together, yet the ear can easily parse the sentence back into the original words.

Lojban forces completeness. The Lojban word for "make" literally means "x makes y using material z". Unless you fill in the words for x, y, and z you do not have a complete sentence.

The link below on using Tolkien's Tengwar alphabet to write Lojban amuses me, as I had the same idea years ago. They have developed it far better than I ever could, however.

Tengwar is a good match for Lojban, as the structure of the letters encodes the sound qualities. A stroke with a right hook on the top is "T". Closing the hook make the sound explosive: "P". A double right hook dulls it: "D".