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Notes on Elemental Magick

The essential theory utilized here is derived from The Quantum Gods

In Qabalah, the sacred name of the most high is termed the Tetragramaton, since it is composed of four Hebrew letters: Yod, Héh, Vau and Héh-final. It is often transliterated as "Jehovah".

The name encodes the formulae of creation. It literally describes the process by which all created things were brought into being. Not just some things, all things.

Yod represents Potential Energy, i.e., a source of energy that can be tapped.

Héh represents a Pattern, i.e., a blueprint or map that charts the course of the energy.

Vau represents Activity, i.e.,the energy moving along the pattern.

Héh-final represents Result, i.e.,the created thing.

Example: consider an electric lamp. The wall socket is Yod, a source of electrical energy. The pattern of copper wires inside the lamp is the pattern.

When you plug it in, Activity occurs: the electricity moves through the copper wires. This yields the Result: light from the lamp.

Example: Suppose you wish to manifest some money. Your desire for money is Yod. Getting a job could be the Héh. Working at the job is the Vau and your paycheck is the Héh-final.

Example: Suppose you wish to manifest some money. Your desire for money is Yod. Getting a job could be the Héh. Working at the job is the Vau and your paycheck is the Héh-final.

Example: Gravity and headwaters are Yod. The various laws of hydrology and erosion are Héh. The river flowing over the rocks are Vau and Héh-final is the Grand Canyon.

The important point is that all created things came in to being by this process. No exceptions. It doesn't matter if the thing is a novel, a guilt trip, a mountain range, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a love affair or the planet Pluto. They were all created by Yod-Héh-Vau-Héh.

In theory, this could be used negatively in order to prevent something from being created. Interfering with any or all of the first three letters can prevent the arrival of the fourth.

Yod-Héh-Vau-Héh maps easily to the four elements. Yod is Fire, as fire is a form of energy. Héh is water, based on an old tradition of the waters of a mother's womb. Vau is Air, as air is traditionally the element of activity and motion. And the created physical thing is, of course, Earth.

>There is a cryptic note in Crowley's Book of Thoth. The court cards of the Tarot map to the four elements (King, Queen, Prince and Princess per Crowley). Crowley states that the the Princess can be put in place of the Queen to "awaken the Eld of the All-Father".

One possible utilization of this in Tarot readings:

The essential theory utilized here is derived from the Chaos Magick books of Peter Carroll, Real Magic by Issac Bonewits, and The Helix and the Blade by John McLoughlin.

An Active spell sends energy from the adept out into the world. A Passive spell brings energy from the world into the adept. Examples of active spells are spells of healing and manifestation. Examples of passive spells are spells of clairvoyance and precognition.

Withing the realm of thought there are only two operations possible: Analysis and Synthesis. That is, cutting something into pieces and merging two pieces into one. The two arms of Bathomet say "Solve" (analysis) and "Coagula" (synthesis).

The four resources are Space, Time, Energy and Matter (symbolized by Air, Water, Fire, and Earth). Space is what keeps everything from being in the same place, so it is symbolized by separation and analysis (air). Time flows like water. Energy is fire and matter is earth.

Space and time merge to form the space-time continuum. It is composed of locations, that is, a location in space at a given time.

Matter and energy merge to form Ylem. It is composed of objects.

The universe is composed of objects at locations.

The four nucleotides of DNA are symbolized by four women. Their dance creates the tree of life, or cornucopia. Their dance is the dance of evolution.

(these attributions are totally arbitrary, change them at will)

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are symbolized by four men. They prune the tree of life.