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Botany Bay CGI Gallery

This is a gallery of CGI artwork created by Winchell Chung of Paul Davies' reinterpretation of the "Botany Bay" from the Star Trek episode "Space Seed".

Recently I started learning how to use the amazing freeware computer modeling program Blender. You can see some of my early efforts here. The submarine like DY-100 class ship "Botany Bay" was always fascinating to me. Recently, artist Paul Davies tried to reinterpret the Botany Bay design to make it seem as if it was created by NASA. He released a set of lo-res blueprints. I was intrigued enough by this to attempt creating a mesh in Blender.

As always, click on the thumbnails for a larger image. (Note: if you do not see the thumbnails, it is probably because Norton Anti-Virus is set to block hot-links off-site)