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Paint Schemes

The idea is to use a paint scheme similar to the US Strategic Air Command in order to invoke the Strategic Space Command.

Emblems from the model kit. Leif Ericson is the fourth from the left, the stylized Viking helment.
Decal sheet from original plastic model. Click for larger image.
What if the Leif Ericson was in the Star Trek universe? Artwork by Cozmo.

As far as fonts go, the words "Leif Ericson" are in a font named Juniper, the words "Galactic Cruiser" are in a font named Peignottm Bold, and the decals are in a font named Ameliatm.

Strategic Air Command reference images

Note the white around the cockpit.
Note the diagonal blue band.

For the spacecraft proper, the old SAC paint scheme was a white belly, white engines, and bare aluminum on top. Maybe a patch of black in front of the cockpit windows and white behind.

USAF rondel, and my futuristic riff on it. Click for larger image.
Click here to download the USAF font

Master 3-D mesh artist Atra-Hasis has utilized this paint scheme. Note that the ship is white on its belly, it's just hard to see.

I've been playing with Atra's mesh myself.

Proposal for Strategic Space Command insignia

The Beausabre suggested the following:

Don't know the heraldic equivalents, but...

Shield of dark blue, with a starfield. The starfield is divided by a grid of chartlines. This symbolizes the exploration/survey mission.

At the bottom of the shield is an olive branch. We come in peace...

Dividing the shield from the upper left to the lower right is a lightning bolt. But if we have to we can kick your ass!

Cozmo has his own suggestion:

The amazing Robert Lee Merrill of Hungry Lizard Studios has some logo ideas (click previous links for hi-res version). The bottom two were the most popular.

Red boarder means crew member wearing this patch has served in combat duty. Star means crew member has served on a long range mission ("A 5 year mission to...").